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6 Best Cupcake Frosting Styles using a STAR Piping Tip



  • Buttercream frosting
  • Cupcakes to frost


Little Pointy Peaks (small)

  1. Pipe a rough mound of frosting.

  2. Use a knife to level it off so that it’s flat.

  3. Starting on the outermost edge, pipe a small quick dot, and life and remove quickly.

  4. Repeat until it covers the entire surface of the cake.

  5. Use a paintbrush to paint on gold Luster Dust for an extra effect.


Bi Colour Swirley Stack (small)

  1. Properly add 2 different colors of frosting to your snap seal bag.

  2. Around the edge of the cupcake, pipe low swirls that overlap.

  3. Once you cover the entire top of the cake, swirl directly over the top of the swirl and continue to pipe.


Classic Low Swirl (medium)

  1. Pipe frosting to the center of your cupcake, and swirl around the center along the edges.


The Mega Frosting Swirl (medium)

  1. Start along the outside and pipe the outside edges of the cupcake. Move towards the center, then make a swirl.

  2. Then, on top of that swirl, make another small MINI swirl!


Tall Frosting Swirl (large)

  1. Starting from the center, pipe in a circular motion. Then, swirl up the rest of the cupcake. Pull away.


Rainbow Frosting Swirl (large)

  1. Add an array of colors (I’m using yellow, pink, and blue) to a disposable piping bag. Layer them so that they’re almost equally dispersed in the piping bag.

  2. Use your fingers to press the buttercream frosting down the bag.

  3. Pipe a tall frosting swirl


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